Our time together will be much more pleasurable if you make an effort to read this etiquette page and the other sections of my website…

It is here that I present to you a few simple suggestions to make your date with me possible, easy to schedule, all that it can be and more…

1. Please be courteous when making a request for my time. I do not chat about details that are listed here on this site. Any crude or rude language ceases all conversation.

2. When contacting me, usually via my inquiry page or other means, be sure to supply as much information as possible, doing so will make the booking and verification process easier.  I am highly discreet and any information is simply to prove you are safe.  It is deleted once we have met. 

3. Please do not make me ask for any donations. Please refrain from making your donation until the end of your visit. Place it in plain site, and please do not put it in an envelope. I want to make sure you are happy with our time together before I accept your donation. Please do not discuss this while we are together.

If we are in public, please do put it in a small gift or card in plain sight when we first meet.

4. Please…do not… treat me like an item or an object. I am a true person and have feelings. Treat me as you would have someone treat you and you're likely to make a life long friend.

5. Please arrive freshly showered. If you need a shower, let me know and I can provide toiletries for your visit.

6. I do not tolerate hard drugs and overly intoxicated clients.  If you are inebriated when you arrive, I will choose to end our appointment.  Having a few cocktails together is perfectly fine, but in moderation.